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Halloween Costume

ouo I finally got my Halloween costume on Sunday <333 I'm being Alice in Wonderland like Jessica.
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@__________@ My aunt's boyfriend's friend found a pomeranian on the highway and I have to take care of him until we find an owner...My aunt decided to name him Peanut...WHY PEANUT?! D8 I want to name him Bob Pedobear <33 Here's some pictures of Peanut Pedobear:


I'm Uke and I'm proud?

The SEME or UKE Quiz
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as The Optimistic UKE

You are the kindest, most sweet, and cutest of all UKE kind. This is not really a bad thing, actually it's very good. You may be the lowest level of UKE but you are also the happiest and most adorable. You are often a fan of things you can snuggle with and cartoons will never grow boring for you. You smile a lot and nothing ever seems to get you down which makes you a great match for the Gentle SEME. Be warned, though, my Uke-friend.. rough times await you if a Homicidal SEME lingers too close. You would do well to befriend a Sorrowful UKE as I'm sure your happy-go-lucky attitude will balance out their depression. On my last note I will say that ropes, whips, and chains aren't your fancies even if they are tempting - I'd stick to just the simple stuff if I were you.

The Optimistic UKE

The Gentle SEME

The Sorrowful UKE

The Devilish UKE

The Breaker SEME

The Homicidal SEME


8D ....Uhm...I'm the most uke-est out of all the ukes! I'm not in denial OTL i know I'm a full time uke...I joined the bandwagon~

D< GAH! I hate the rain...I hate the thunder too...but for some reason, misotok scares me more than the thunder...

I'm Pathetic/iscribble

Now I know I have no will power/ I can't go to the EXTREME! xD;
I went to Jamie's place to place the new Wii game, Wii Fit...
I did SOME exercises, but after that, I snacked on chips, ice cream, and meat XP
So in other words, I lost pounds, but i gained them back...


Have you ever heard of the Pchat site called, iscribble? :D
I'm curently obssessed with it!!
So if you're interested in drawing KHR crack with me, tell me if you made an account, okay?
(My username is, chuchuchu/sho/ExtremeChu)
Tell me if you made an account, okay? Promise! :D

Goodbye! D:

Did I scare you? :D Well, anwayz, I won't be on the internet for 3 dayz...Starting from July 4. My family is evil! DX They're going kidnap me while I'm sleeping and bring me to camp....On the bright side, I might be able to see bearz and wolvez! *sparkle sparkle* I'll take lotz of picturez!But misotok won't come with me DX I'm going to be all alone...I won't be able to talk to you guyz at all. My mom said no internet, no cellphone, etc. But...if I really do see bearz, then I'm going to live in the mountainz, shave my head, grow a beard, and fight bearz! = 3= meeeeeeh...Anywayz, here's a random Chrome picture I drew on MS Paint! :3

I'm sorry it's so small -w-;

AnimeNext 08 (Part 3)

Okies, everyone! Part 3 is going to be all about the Cosplayers in MY group. (Mostly KHR cosplayers anyways...actually, they're all KHR cosplayer! YAYZ!) Oh wait...except for Hentai-san and Gay-sempai :D You'll see who they are later, teehee <33

Ash (Let's just all call him, Hentai-san ;D) and GIANT Pikachu!

Omigosh! I caught Hentai-san cheating on Pikachu with Gay-sempai!

Hentai-san is Ghetto!

Hentai-san: Hey there, Pikachu~ Smile at the camera~
Pikachu: *bright and cute smile*

Hentai-san: Now, Pikachu~! Get inside the ball so I can ass rape you!
Pikachu: Oh noes!
*sigh* Hentai-san is such a perv >w>;;

LOL! xDDD Gay-sempai is really Uke here!

Belphegor loves knives, and is willing to pose for Yamamoto xD

Bianchi!! <33 She was pretty :D

Big Brother and Little Brother <33 Aww I was right next to Tsuna, but I left him alone with Dino <33

Dino showing his totally awesome whip, that we used for Limbo and Jumprope!

Dino attacks Yamamoto for no reason, and Tsuna's just watching xD

Dino doesn't like suprised cameras!

Byakuran thinks Squalo is smexy when he drinks water <33

But Byakuran isn't so bad himself <33

Awww~ Byakuran is a little fanboy too <33

Byakuran goes ORZ

Ken was replaced by Belphegor xDD And younger Mukuro got to have a little of TYL Tsuna <333
They had to do this like 3 times to get it right xDD Tsuna was so shy <333

Lookit Chrome being all mysterious~

It's funny how Chrome can fall asleep almost anywhere. But Chrome wasn't posing at all, in fact, she didn't know what was going on! She was just sleeping in the corner (In those first few pics), and cameras started swarming to her! xDD And she saw flashes and she was like, "Why'd I see a flash?" Byakuran told her, "It's nothing, just go back to sleep." xDD It was hilarious!

This was another Chrome we saw wandering around :D She was the same Chrome who was selling Manga! xD

Then, we met ANOTHER Chrome and she was such a sweet girl. I could tell, even though she wasn't saying anything. I kept trying to approach her, but I keep getting distracted >w>;;

We met the Chrome before the photoshoot and we all posed together :D (And yes, that weirdo on the right is me >w>;;)

Burger King is such a Pimp xDD

>w>;; Uhm...Yea...I can't look Photogenic I failz >A<;;
I'm not as pretty as everyone else!

Uhm @w@ Yayz! I got to sit next to Bossu <33 Bossu was so awesome >w<

@w@ KYAA! More pictures of Bossu! <3333

KYAAA! KYAAAA!!!!!!!! KYAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gokudera-kun! KYAA! >w< Omigosh! I love Gokudera-kun, and she was so nice to me too :D She kep calling me cute and everything. I wished I went to AnimeNext on Sunday too DX *sniff*
And yes, that's Jesus XD He said he liked Yaoi!
Gokudera: C-can you like dance? Ya know? Pop?
Jesus: I can dance to anything
Gokudera: But what about Pop?
Jesus: Anything
Gokudera: Can you dance to Pop?!
Jesus: Anything
Gokudera: Be more specific!
Jesus: I can dance to anything. It's just not good.

I caught Mukuro-chan a little off guard xDD But he thought fast on the 3rd picture <33

(I caught Mukuro-chan off guard again. He really means no harm to Bossu, but this pic was so funny!)
Mukuro: Kufufu~ Sawada Tsunayoshi, you will hand your body over to me. And I mean every...single...part...kufufu~
Tsuna: Hiiii!
Gokudera: Juudaime! You bastard, Mukuro! Let go of Juudaime, or I'll blow you up!

Mukuro: Kufufu~ I'm waiting, Gokudera-chan~
Gokudera: Don't, "Gokudera-chan~" me! Don't you ever touch Juudaime!
Tsuna: Y-you guys!
Carvelo(Sorry I don't remember the name >A<): Don't worry, Vongola, it's the battle for the ultimate Uke. Let them be.
A few hours after they battled...

Tsuna: Y-you can't do this!
Mukuro: I can if I want to, Sawada. I won the battle, kufufu~
Tsuna: ...That's not the point...

Mukuro: Well, thanks for this meal, kufufu~
Tsuna: @A@;;
Gokudera: ...Juu...daime...! *plop*

Mukuro thought Tsuna's body was way too Uke-ish, so he went for a seme body. So he chose Byakuran's. But insted, he made Byakuran Uke...Mukuro was still very satisfied...Kufufu~

Gokudera: Y-You're hiding Juudaime! Give him to me!
Hibari: ...I'm not hiding my herbivore
Gokudera: You bastard! He's my uk- my boss!

>w>;; I didn't really talk to this HIbari much. I was pretty afraid to approach him...
Now I know how everyone in Namimori feels...

@A@ This Hibari was sooo pretty!! She was with us at Sakura Matsuri, but I didn't talk to her much. But at AnimeNext, I was able to be in the same pictures as her! @A@;; I'm soo happy, but so nervous on how the pictures turned out to be!

Ryohei probably had the longest photoshoot out of all of us >w>;;;
On the 3rd photo here, Ryohei screamed out, "EXTREME!" Everyone laughed. I wasn't there to witness the extreme, but I did hear the laughing. Chrome had to tell me in the car, about the awesome extreme-ness

Squalo was uber hot! @A@ He made his photos look epic!

Tsuna-kun~She was sooo sweet. I brought a Gokudera Keychain and it had Korean letters on them, but I couldn't read it. So I asked Tsuna-kun, and she couldn't read it either. Tsuna-kun was really nice and wrote the letters down so that she can ask her friend later on x3 Tsuna-kun, I love you! <33

Well that's it ;D That's everything. Now, let's all follow Nagi and leave this journal entry xP
(I was leaving AnimeNext and my friend helped me take a photo)

AnimeNext 08 (Part 2)

Part 2 for AnimeNext 2008 :D I'll make a seperate part for the cosplayers in my group later :3
There were some cosplayers I've seen somewhere before, too OO:
Like Pyramid Head, female version. But sadly, I don't have a picture of her...I found her once, but I couldn't catch up, and I never found her again. XP

OO: I saw these guys at the last AnimeNext!

I forget their names >w>;;

I kept screaming Daichi-kun, I think I freaked him out >w>;;

(From left to right)
Cosmo, Tuti, Timmy, Crocker, Poof, Wanda

KYAAAA! @w@ Gokudera!!! KYAAAA!!!

xDD !! Gundam-kun! We had to run across the street to get to him

I dunno who he is but he has an awesome sword,
and it seems like Phoenix wants it too~

Warrior Haruhi!!!

Host Club! But...Where's Honey-sempai, Kyouya-kun and Tamaki-sempai?!

Honey-sempai has been found! He was hiding in a corner...
Now where's Tamaki-sempai and Kyouya-kun?!


Larxene was really sweet :D

XDDD !!! Haruhi looks so smexy, lol!

Namine was so shy, kawaii <33

Omigosh! Nana was soooo pretty! She looked great in heavy make-up

I found Orihime in the bathroom first, but decided not to take a picture there...
Then I found her out here ;D

Omigosh! Lambo was sooo cute! <333
And Lal Mirch, she looked beautiful!

Roxas became a Pimp! xD

Sailor Moon got out of the car, and we rushed RIGHT to him!
And it seems "she" likes nappos <33

(From left to right)
Sanji, Usopp, Skull Man, Zoro
It looks like Zoro wants to kill Skull Man

So I herd you liek Mudkips :3

(From left to right)
Knuckles, Sonic, Shadow
At first I thought Sonic was holding a giant roll of tape >w>;;

I think Sora was trying to go to the bathroom <w<;;

Sudowoodo! Jiggypuff!
They're soo cute <33

Tsukasa and Kagami from Lucky Star
At first I thought they we're both guys, but now I'm not sure if Tsukasa is a guy or girl @A@

Utena girls~
So pretty~

Sephiroth! It looks like Vincent and Riku are staring at him xD

Lookit that! xD I found Yugioh at NYAF, too!


Part 2 has finished :D (Now goes off to do Part 3)

AnimeNext 08!

Omigosh! AnimeNext was soooo awesome! @w@ I couldn't help but squeal when I was getting there! But anyways, I went with my friend Misotok (<--LJ username) and we met up with a lot of our other friends who are soooo pretty! @w@ I kept feeling like I don't fit in, but I'm really glad everyone didn't hate me >w<;; Anyways, I went as Nagi from KHR and Misotok went as Chrome from KHR! Now for the most awesome part, pictures! :D First the cosplayers, whose reals names, I don't know >w>;;

XDD !! I caught Ace at the ATM machine!
Luffy ran away before I got him in the picture - 3-

I'm not sure who he was cosplaying as but...
I support cross-dressing!

Amu-chan is being stalked by some guy D:

The Stalker went away ;D

Attack of the Chiis!

LOOK! HENTAI-SAN, her Pikachu is bigger than yours!

Omigosh! I saw so many The World Ends With You Cosplayer! I was in wonderland~
And I got to hug the second Neku here which was awesome!
I tried to hug the first Neku, but he ran away DX
It took me a very long time to find a Neku, I kept whining, "Neku-dono~~" XP


It seemed like Ace wanted a hug too, aww

Vocoloids! Yayz They're so cute <33

All the Brawl fighters got together to beat up the audience, and Marth tried to strike first but...

...Bowser ate them all xD

This Kirby was ADORABLE!! He squeeled and moved and jumped and everything! <333

Big Link is afraid of his little self, aww~

Pit was fangirl-ing over Link

Well that's all for this entry! Part 2 coming up! (I might have several parts >w>;;)